We are constantly meeting new companies and gauging their interest in taking on new directors in line with the Innovator Visa requirements. From our experience, innovative and dynamic start-up companies are generally reluctant to take on a new director and commit to fulfilling their visa requirements unless the new director can add significant value to the business and be prepared to invest more than the minimum requirement of £50,000. 

For a business to achieve the high turnover and/or recruitment targets of the Innovator Visa in 3 years, the company needs to have a very aggressive growth plan which can require significant funding. Accordingly, you should bear in mind that the majority of companies most willing to take on a new director and engage in the Innovator Visa process will be seeking more significant investment too.

We will help to guide you to the most suitable company based not only on your skills and experience, but also your capacity to invest. It is therefore important for you to carefully consider how much you can invest before you apply. 

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