Our Process

1. Fact Find

We will conduct a thorough fact-find to assess your professional background, relevant skills, sector-specific expertise, your network of contacts and your past experience of running a business.

2. Options

Through this discussion, we will establish the various options available to you based on your aspirations, experience and the added-value that you could bring to a UK business.

3. Search

 If you decide to instruct us to work for you, we will then conduct a thorough search and identify the most suitable companies which are open to working with you.

4. Meetings

We will then present you with a shortlist of available options and, based on your instruction, arrange meetings with those that appeal most to you to assess if there is a mutual “fit” on both a personal and professional level.

5. Get Ready

If necessary, we will provide business-related services and assist where we can to ensure you are “endorsement ready”.

6. Introductions

We will also, where relevant, make introductions to “friendly” EBs who we will be working closely with to give you the best chance of securing an endorsement letter.

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