Do you want to join a start-up?

If you are looking to become part of an innovative start-up in the UK, we will help you find your perfect business partner and co-director among a large and vibrant community of promising entrepreneurial businesses. 

If you do not have your own business idea but believe that you can add value to a UK based startup, we can help you. We will initially conduct a fact-find to learn more about you, your background, education and career, your specific skill-set, your sector knowledge and your contact network to help us identify the types of companies most likely to be of interest.

We will then source and present you with a shortlist of suitable companies that closely meet your requirements. As part of this process, we will ensure that any companies we present to you are not only interested in taking on a co-director with your profile, experience and background but fully understand all the Tier 1 Innovator Visa conditions (with respect to directorship, job creation etc) and establish that they are willing to comply with them if your visa application is successful. We will then arrange meetings for you, make the introductions and if there is interest on both sides, help you negotiate the best terms.

Do you have your own idea?

If you already have your own innovative business idea which you would like to establish in the UK, we can help facilitate conversations with independent Endorsing Bodies (EBs) which may consider endorsing you on the most favourable terms. For example, some may expect or require you to become a participant on their accelerator program or give up an equity stake in your business. We can assess your situation and advise which endorsing bodies might be best for your specific situation.

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